Today, I want to talk about the freedom that comes from acceptance.

Things don’t always work out the way we want them to, and when they don’t, we have a choice: To accept or not accept.

There are so many examples that could be given in this context, so I will select just two.

To begin with, a very personal matter that affects many people, I am childless. I did not necessarily get to make that decision; it was sort of made for me.

If it’s true that children are a gift from God, then God decided that I am not to receive that gift. I could handle that in one of two ways. I could resist it and be angry at God, or I could accept it and acknowledge that God knows what’s best for me.

Maybe God didn’t think that I would make a good parent. I honestly find that hard to believe, but wouldn’t He know best? Yes, He would.

For whatever reason, and literally, only God knows why He didn’t think it would be best for me to bear children. I can accept that. I have accepted it. And I’m free.

What I’ve learned is, I’m a “parent” in other ways. I rescue animals and give them the best life I possibly can. I take people under my wing and mentor/nurture them. I love all living things like how—I envision—a mother might love her children.

These are just a few “parenting” practices where I can “parent” without having given birth to humans. And that’s enough for me.

God has blessed me in so many other ways, that I will not allow this matter to discourage me.

Life is beautiful and full of blessings. Parenthood is just one of those many blessings.

Another example of acceptance is, to a degree, our appearances. I’ve heard people complain about their height, color/tone of their skin, or something else that they can’t necessarily change.

There are myriad ways to alter our appearance, but some things cannot necessarily be changed. We can wear high-heels to be taller, but as soon as the heels come off, we’re back to our normal height.

Instead of letting our “not-so-perfect-as-we-see-it” characteristics upset us, consider that, we look the way we look because that’s what’s meant to be. It serves a purpose. The world needs us to be as we are so we can carry out our mission.

The pain we endure when we resist things we cannot change can lead to depression, low self-esteem, and isolation. It can hinder our happiness, and nothing is worth that.

When we find a way to embrace and accept “what is,” it can free us and give us peace. And few things feel better than freedom and peace.

It’s important to remember, we were made to be precisely who we are, doing exactly what we’re doing at any given time.

People must have different interests, demographics, and reasons for doing what they do and being who they are. However, if everyone was the same, imagine how boring this world would be.

Acceptance doesn’t mean we don’t set goals, aim to have a better job or shoot for something bigger and better. It means that we accept the here and now—the moment—as it exists.

May you find acceptance in all that is and ever will be.




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Dr. Jennifer L. Prince is a counseling psychologist with over 10 year's experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist. She is a veteran of the United States Navy and has been married for over two decades. She is a lover of animals, Paleo cooking, and purposeful living. Her life's mission is to empower people to break free from old, conditioned patterns, and live a life of happiness, fulfillment, and freedom from suffering.