2017 Toyota Land cruiser

When it comes to accounting for vehicles that have been able to stand the test of time for half a century, few cars come to mind.

However, one that does come to mind is the 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser.  Despite its poor fuel economy and some cargo area quirks which detract from its practicality. The vehicle looks fantastic and can get the attention of anyone that sees it.

Besides these looks, its performance, controllability, and comfort of the car have made it a top notch automotive.

2017 Toyota Land cruiser


This vehicle can perform better than virtually anything else in its class, thanks in large part to its dual overhead cam V8 engine with a 5.7-liter capacity. It allows the engine to deliver 381 horsepower and produce 401 lb.-ft. Of torque. This is enough power to tow almost anything, regardless of the terrain that the vehicle is forced to navigate.

Also, the Toyota Land Cruiser comes with a complete towing package that is second to none.

It comes standard with a wiring harness that is ready to go and even an oil cooler that keeps the engine cool during intense towing. It also comes with a six-speed transmission.

It is fully automatic, and the transmission can be switched to sequential mode, and in that mode, it can be utilized in much the same manner as a manual transmission, thereby giving the driver more control.

Toyota clearly took their time in considering the passengers of their premiere vehicle. One of those set-aside factors dwells in the realm of entertainment.

The entertainment features in the Cruiser performed well beyond my expectations.

The truck came equipt with beautiful, bright flat-panel televisions attached to the back of the front captain seats.

I found these features perfect for every situation from keeping the kids distracted to help the hours fly by on a road trip with friends. My favorite add-on is the pair of accompanying wireless headphones.

2017 Toyota Land cruiser


This is a vehicle that can combine power with controllability to create a truck that is truly able to harness all of the power that it can produce.

It comes with four-wheel drive as a standard feature as well as a two-speed transfer case. When the four-wheel drive is engaged, the controllability is increased automatically as a comprehensive system kicks in to apply slight braking to the rear wheels, thereby allowing the vehicle to turn in very tight circles.

The fact that the transfer case has two speeds which can be selected manually by the driver also allows the vehicle to be operated in some of the most challenging types of terrain with ease.

As a result, this is a vehicle that is perfect for daily driving or an intense off-road capability. It is roomy enough to hold a crew of eight, and it’s very reliable.

As a big tech nerd, I was highly impressed with the control panel which is the focal point of the truck’s cabin. It was like having a large screen tablet at my fingertips controlling everything technical on the car.

2017 Toyota Land cruiser


There is no doubt about it, the 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser can perform in almost any type of circumstances, but it also provides the best epitome of comfort.

Detail. The details in the leather, space allowed (leg and foot room), the stitching is second to none.

Another one of the unique things about this vehicle is the fact that it can provide instant cabin warmth, long before the engine has an opportunity to warm up.

2017 Toyota Land cruiser

This feature is achieved by utilizing a ceramic heating element that can be energized to make the cabin comfortable almost instantly, even on the coldest of days. It also has several other features including a full entertainment and navigation package, a push button start and a moonroof.

It also has audio controls on the steering wheel, but the Land Cruiser kicks things up several notches with a few exceptional amenities that are simply not offered on many vehicles that are currently being produced.

A unique feature with this automotive is that both the rear view mirror and the side mirrors automatically dim when headlights hit them.

Also, it has a security system that can shut the engine down if someone attempts to steal the vehicle.

Toyota has spent decades producing outstanding vehicles. Its current mission is to combine top notch performance with luxury that cannot be compromised.

The 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser accomplishes its mission very well.