The rise in ownership of wearable technologies will soon lead to the, even more, innovations hitting the consumer market. Based on the recent CCS Insight report, the wearable market will be worth $25 billion by 2020, driven by the growing interest of consumers to track their health.

Currently, these devices are more known for assisting people in measuring health, particularly their parameters such as heart rate. However, new technologies will change the way we use wearable devices.

Wearables have the potential to be the next productivity tool that can help transform the way we do business. This wearable Internet of Things platform “connects users to the web and allow them to interact with all other digital devices,” as explained by Telogis.

It can connect to smart home devices and other technologies that are connected to the internet. From task management to marketing and real-time updates, all of these can be done on the small-screened smartwatches.

However, wearable technology can go beyond measuring heart rate and encouraging people to be more productive as it can be a tool to promote a positive mindset. Read on below on how wearables can make you positive and happy.

Manage Life Easier

What exactly makes you stressed? The chances are it’s an unmanageable workload or tasks that need to be addressed immediately. With wearable technology you will be able to manage life easier, staying anxiety-free and help it’ll help you adopt a positive mindset.

While you won’t be able to work seamlessly on a small-screen smartwatch unlike with the smartphones and tablets, you will always be updated with the recent developments in the office or able to send and receive important files via your email that is linked to your wearable device.

Likewise, these technologies can also control other IoT devices, such as your smart home, and notify you when your fridge needs refilling or you need to pay a bill soon.

All of these can be managed and addressed immediately via wearable devices, keeping users stress-free and efficient throughout the working week.

Travel Virtually

Treehugger states that vacations make people happier, healthier, and more creative. But, the expense of going on a vacation (or even planning it) can be very stressful and daunting. Thanks to virtual reality and head-mounted displays, one can now go on a vacation without even leaving their home.

The Power of Tech Wearables to Encourage a Positive Mindset

There are apps for VR devices that users can install in order to take a trip around the world while still in their living room, such as:

1. YouVisit
2. Discovery VR
3. Jaunt VR
4. Ascape Virtual Travel & Tours
5. Sites in VR

Note: There are also single destination apps that give users an inexpensive but memorable virtual escape.

Stress-Killing Apps and Devices

While some devices are still considered an extra accessory on mobile devices, some wearables are becoming just like smartphones with the ability to run SIM cards, use an operating system, and install apps.

As these technologies become as powerful as the handsets we have today, apps that help people manage stress will soon be available to wearable devices.

There are also innovative wearables on the market today that can help users achieve a calmer mind and keep them sane, as listed by, such as Prana, Bellabeat Leaf Urban, and Thync Relax.

Mind-Connected Data

Some health-focused wearables are able to provide users in-depth physiological data that helps them understand their psychological state of mind, such as:

• Sleep quality and patterns
• Stress level
• Brainwaves
• Breathing rate and volume
• Heart rate variability

This data ensures that wearable technologies are an ‘early warning system’ to detect possible anxiety attack and future serious illnesses.

Wearable technology has a long way to go before it can replace the smartphones we use today, but the in-depth health data tracking benefits are exactly what modern day users need to keep up with the fast paced world we live in.

It can help people alleviate stress, manage the physiological changes that affect the mind, and retain a positive mindset by being able to manage life easier.