I was interviewed on a podcast recently and the host asked me a great question, “What is your favorite quote?”

I jumped on the opportunity to answer since my favorite quote happens to be one of my very own! I have searched far and wide to find a quote that rivals it, but to date, this is the one that always resonates the most for me.

“Keep on Pushing Through!”

What exactly do these four words mean, and why is this such a favorite quote for me?

When I look back in my life at my successes and failures, I find that when I did not summon this quote, I failed.  They are responsible for my greatest successes.

Unlike some of my other favorite words, like “Believe in yourself,” this quote requires an action, especially when you are at your lowest. Even believing in yourself cannot pull you over the hump that pushing through can.

Imagine a heavy object falling on you, and then you elicit the strength from within to lift it off. This is not unheard of. I am sure many of you have read stories of a car falling on someone, and another who was able to lift it off long enough for the person underneath to escape.

The power of the mind is often able to overcome the insecurities of the body.

In martial arts, you are taught to spar, break boards, and yell. What woman is ever taught that in life? You can sum these tasks up as not aggressive or crazy, but to push through a fear if you realize there is no way to back away or retreat.

If an aggressor gets in your face, you cannot always talk your way out of it. You may need to exert a power from within, just like the person who can lift the immensely heavy car off the ground long enough for someone to break free.

The powerful mind has a place in martial arts, but it has a place in life, too. Day after day, obstacles will take root. Some bury themselves so deeply that you cannot see a way out. These require slow and steady uprooting over time.

Set yourself on task and toward a goal, and incrementally work your way through them. This step by step approach takes patience but is still a form of pushing through and persevering.


To some, my favorite quote may seem trivial. That is true. However, I have pushed through enough in my life to know that these are not just words, they are actions of courage.

When a fire engulfed my property, there was no time to wait for the fire department. Together, my family and I scoured the property with water while hoping the fire truck would arrive any moment. The difficulty pulled us off course.

I don’t ever suggest fighting a fire at any time, but we did not think, we just did. If our lives were in danger, we would have backed off, but seeing the pocket of opportunity to save our home, we pushed through to minimize damage before the local fire department arrived.

Inside your mind, you have fires and perhaps embers that are still smoldering. These real-life fires are not as much on the outside, as they are on the inside.  Never put yourself at risk, but always ask yourself if an obstacle is one you can overcome if you continue to push through.

There are no easy answers in life, are there? When and how you push through the difficulties that arise in your life are completely subjective.

At least you know that it is an option. When told my unborn baby was going to die, I put my ability to push through into high gear. When I watched my father pass from this world to the next, I pushed through spiritually.

When I almost lost my home, I fought back with all that I had to save it. You will know when you should push through, and when you should find another way.

What is your favorite quote?

I am hoping you will share one of yours because maybe it will also become another favorite of mine. After all, no one said that you can only have one favorite quote.