Sometimes it seems as if there is nothing you can do to change the world in which we live today.

You may watch the news or local events and think, “There is so much violence,” or “There are too many crazy people!” That all makes sense, because factually, there is a lot going on that can be very upsetting.

How can you and I make a difference? How can we change what is happening?

We cannot change other people or turn back time. We cannot eliminate people whose intentions are destructive. The next best thing, over which we do have control, is to build our world back up.

Martial arts are a great example of how to do this. When children learn a martial art, it is not about kicking, punching, or sparring as much as it is about focus, confidence, humility, understanding, and self-discipline.

These are the very concepts missing from those who are disrupting the positive flow of energy through violence today. If more children and adults applied these values to their lives, we could create a stronger bond of positivity in the world.

Think of it as layers of goodness that build upon each other. We raise our children to be peaceful, smart, engaging, and courageous. Through martial arts or any other practical and positive approach, we give them the tools for success. As they grow older, they pass down these virtues or share their opinions with others.

Social media is a perfect example of how you can spread positive messages if you choose. Even with poor parental influence, martial arts can help a child understand his or her unique importance.

You and I are the base of this positivity model. We are the examples. Our actions and reactions are seen by others and if they are hasty, destructive, or negative, they only promote the issues that we are already facing today.

If we take responsibility for our own behaviors and lead ourselves as we would like other leaders to lead, we can help change the negative spin.

Too often we only hear the bad news. How often do you recognize the wonderful activities and brave acts that go on around you every single day?

They cannot replace the bombings, shootings, and wars, but they can remind you that not all is bad. Along with your positive actions and reactions, recognition of what is right and good can add an essential layer to making the world right again.

I once thought there was nothing I could do to make the world a better place. That was before I began blogging about positivity, martial arts, and life lessons. When people responded to tell me how much a positive word helped them through their day, I realized that I was changing someone else’s heart and giving them a powerful new direction.

My goal is to change the world every single day in some small way. Whether it is what I write, what I say, or what I do, I can make an impact, and so can you. If each of us strives for something better for ourselves and for others every single day, it will turn into an energy that literally can uplift our sagging world. We need this pick-me-up!

Understand what is happening around you, but do not let it consume you. The media blitz on every bad situation understandably takes control of your thoughts and you may start to think there is no hope, but there is.

You and I are pieces of hope, and we can create a new layer to our world that will slowly make a positive difference.

There is so much you and I can do to change this negative world. Start by looking within and asking yourself, “What can I change about my attitude and mindset that might propel me forward in a positive direction?”

Every time I feel down or have a negative thought, I ask myself this, and that is when I remember that my contribution really does matter.

Today, hold on to what is right and positive. Make small changes within. Pass on your wisdom. Be an example. Learn from your mistakes. Always move forward. If we all do this, everyone will reap the benefit. It is time to build the world up.