I remember being six-years-old. After a long tedious day at school, I was eager for the school bell to ring, which signaled that the day had ended. The moment I heard the bell ring, I jumped out of my seat and ran out the door. The Jackie Joyner–Kerseesprinter in me was determined to make it out those school doors.

As I ran out in the front of the school, I saw my older sister and called out to her. I ran as fast as I could to her. Somehow, I lost my balance and fell to the floor. I forced myself up to find that I had scrapped my knee and elbow. Blood began to run down my leg and the pain was so agonizing that I questioned how I would make it home. I looked around in sight for my sister but she was nowhere to be found. I had no choice so with tears in my eyes I limped my way home.

By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was fall to the floor, cry hoping someone would pick me up, and carry me. I walked into the house with blood still dripping down my leg.

My dad who had taken the day off ran to my rescue. He picked me up and took me to the bathroom where he placed me on the counter. He asked me dozens of questions while looking for the first-aid kit but I was so numb that I couldn’t utter a word.

As my dad began to clean up my bloody leg, he said, “This is going to hurt,” which was a warning that I should have paid close attention to but the soldier in me tried to be tough. As he poured the alcoholic swab on my leg, I yelled out a loud scream and said, “I HATE YOU.” Wow, my dad just patted my leg but I could see the hurt in his eyes.

How many times have you said something to know that you can’t take those words back?

Often times, when we are frustrated, angry, heartbroken or disappointed, we utter things out of our flesh that breaks hearts and leaves bruises in the soul.  It may seem like we are “getting things off our chest” but those words can plant seeds in gardens which in turn can have a detrimental effect on our lives and those around us. 

So many times, our mouth utters death to the people we love. Words have destroyed marriages and friendships, ruined business deals, and left many with wounds that have yet to be healed

As I look back on my life, there are thousands of words I wish I could have taken back but words are like time, once it’s been used you can’t get it back.

Words have the power to heal and hurt.  Words can’t be taken back once they come out; they plant seeds in the garden of good or evil.

Watch your words.




Sandra Jean Charite is a South Florida native who started writing at a very early age. Through her words, she strives to reach the lost and the broken. Charite experienced God’s redeeming power first-hand, and she shows people how growing closer to their faith can restore them from even the most shattering of setbacks. Charite holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Master of Human Resource Management. She is a blogger, poet, and the author of Broken Crayons Still Color.