A break-up can be a very traumatic time in your life; it can be incredibly upsetting and very distressing. Eventually, heartbreak passes and you move on with your life and eventually on to the next relationship.

But it would be a missed learning opportunity not to look back on your previous relationship and also how you recovered from the breakup. Once you have recovered from the heartbreak, you should look back and see if there are any lessons that can be learned and what you can be proud of and maybe also not so proud of

Obviously, no relationship is the same, so everyone’s life lessons and experiences will be entirely personal to themselves. Lets look at 4

First lesson – Do a Self Scan:

It takes two people to end a relationship. It is easy to blame the other person for the break up if they were the one that wanted to break up. Truth be told, if the relationship wasn’t working, you were part of the problem.

Honestly, evaluate the situation to determine what you may have done to contribute to the breakup. Use this as fuel to set your next relationship on fire. Everyone knows taking baggage into new relationships just isn’t cool.

Second lesson – Progression Over Possession:

Don’t be possessive. People need their personal space at times. You don’t need to know where your partner is every second of every day. This becomes smothering and high maintenance. It can drain the life out of a relationship. If one of you has cheated in the past, this becomes even harder to do because now there are serious trust issues. You have to get past it. By not giving a person their personal space you are telling them you don’t trust them. This will likely end the relationship.

Third lesson – Stronger Than Ever:

You will get stronger in time. The pain from a split can be overwhelming. Sometimes it can seem like a lifetime before getting over someone, but time heals all wounds. Each and every day that passes you will get better, stronger and more durable.

Everything you went through brought you to this point. You will be able to approach your next relationship with new wisdom, a fresher perspective and a deeper understanding of what a successful relationship should look like. In the end, you will have grown from the experience and be a stronger person.

Fourth lesson – Be Real with Yourself:

What is for you, is for you. If things didnt work out, be real with yourself and understand it probably wasn’t meant to be. We often enter into relationships hopeful that things would lead to something long-term. If it ended, consider it a good thing. Consider closed doors a prelude to new opportunites with new people. Be real. Dont lie to yourself. If you weren’t right for each other, it is what it is.

Fifth lesson: Control What You Can Control

You may not be able to control what happened in this previous relationship. What’s done is done. If you want good things to happen to you in the future, you have to make them happen. Meaning, you can’t control what happened, but you can control how you react to what happened. Take the positive approach, and you will come out on top.

If you apply these lessons learned from being dumped then eventually you will find yourself in another relationship.

If you take these lessons to heart, then your next relationship will be better and stronger than the previous ones.