Life is very similar to a roller coaster, plenty of up and downs. The ascend always feels good, but when things take a turn and plummet fast, things can get pretty rough.

  • What do you do when things aren’t going well?
  • When things get rocky, who do you run to?
  • How do you respond to life when it seems like there is a dark cloud stalking you?

Author Sandra Charite answers these questions and more in her new book Broken Crayons Still Color. Her book is a personal journey toward restoration. We are super excited to chat with her about staying positive during life’s trials and tribulations.

Here is our conversation with Sandra, enjoy!

The book has a very interesting title, why did you choose it?

Back when I was in elementary school I had a teacher named Ms. Crutchly. Every year when school was out, she would make us clean her class and all the desk. When we looked into our desk we saw old candy wrappers, papers, and broken crayons.

Once the crayons were broken, we didn’t want to use them anymore so we would store them in the back of the desk’s compartment.

I always remembered that, because that’s how life is. Sometimes when you go through a form of rejection, people find a way to want to throw you away like you’re not usable. With God, there is a journey of restoration. Even though you are broken He can still use you.

There is color in you. Even though you are momentarily broken you still have color and he can still use you. Restoration is more of a journey than a destination.

Was it specific life challenges that motivated you to write the book?

It was a series of things. I’ve experienced rejection, but I’m very resilient. Life happens but, you can’t stay in a down state too long or you can get stagnant. We always want to be in a place of positive forward movement.

My challenges are no different than yours. Its about how we respond that makes the difference.

How important is it to pay attention when life is teaching lessons?

If you don’t learn the lesson life is teaching, you will face them again. I’ve been in relationships where I would go through the same thing again and again. I didn’t get the message life was trying to deliver.

When I finally listened and learned, I stopped going around the same mountain over and over. Don’t overanalyze, but it’s really important to stop, take the time out to hear what God is saying as He reminds you of what you’ve been called to be.

Sandra Charite

How do we come out on the other end of a storm better than ever?

Be real with yourself. Do you invite something in your life? Understanding how you got in the situation is key in knowing how to come out stronger than ever. So being real with yourself is a major key.

Second, we have to remember what God has done. Looking back, with gratitude, on how He has brought us through past difficulties is mandatory. Last, having the right people around us, that will be real with us an important fact on the road to restoration.

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 How important is it to be around positive people while going through a rough patch?

Your thoughts dictate where you want to go. My mom died back ’04. I didn’t deal with it for a while. I was in a bad place. I begin to allow the wrong vibes around me. You need to have positive people around you. People that will tell you the truth in love. People that will encourage you when it’s hard to motivate yourself.

I hang around older people because they give you the best wisdom “under the tree.” They usually don’t want you to make the same mistakes they may have made.

What do you want people to walk away with after reading Broken Crayons?

There is hope. This book is basically hope. There is a lot of poetry and stories innated from the bible that people can relate to. There is a restoration in store for you. We go through a lot of stuff in this life, but you don’t have to stay where you are, you can and will be better!

Where can people buy the book?

It is available on amazon here. They can also reach out to me via Facebook as well!