If your goal is to move your career forward this year, here are 15 skills that can help you gain momentum and capture a promotion.

Top 15 Career Skills

In each sector and every position, there are specific skills that correspond to capturing a larger salary. In most cases, the hardest part is learning which skills, are the best investment of your time.

In an effort to streamline the analysis, MONEY Magazine teamed up with to identify exactly which skills deliver the best opportunity for promotion. In this comprehensive study, the team looked at 130 different professional roles ranging from accountants and physician assistants to vendor management.  

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Looking at the bottom line, these skills correlate with as much as a 35% pay differential for certain roles — while holding constant factors including job title, experience, age, and location.

Top honors go to a credit analyst who knows SAS software; other large increases go to market research analysts and survey researchers who have a financial modeling background (28.2% for both occupations), or CEOs who have mastered the dynamic landscape of mergers and acquisitions (25.7%).

To review the more details behind MONEY’s Best Career Skills, follow this link.

Spotlight: Are Tech Roles Still In Demand?

Significant numbers of employers continue to hire for tech roles and 2017 reports indicate that coding jobs are currently growing faster than the job market. To add perspective, the industry study from Burning Glass Technologies and tech giant Oracle, found that there were as many as 7 million job openings last year that required coding skills.

Looking ahead, the number of U.S. jobs that require coding skills will grow 12% faster than the labor market overall over the next 10 years, according to Alison Derbenwick Miller, vice president of Oracle Academy.

In Derbenwick Miller’s Oracle news article, the forecast indicates more than half of such [coding] job openings will be in finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries outside of technology.

Bringing it all together

Now that you have access to the skills research, take the actions needed to launch your learning in the next 45 days. This will give you the momentum to move your career forward while tackling a busy schedule.

Have you recently enhanced your skills or broaden expertise? Remember to update your resume.

Pro tip:  Make your resume stand out with this great collection of 2017 tips by Kristen Bahler for Money Magazine.  

Interested in sharing a skill or tip that helped move your career forward?

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