The Mazda CX5 is something special. Driving from A to B, in everyday life is a normal routine for most. Imagine an abnormal experience every single time you hop in your car. This is how it feels to drive the CX5 – Grand Touring AWD.

When a car can bring a big smile to your face as you prepare to drive, its something special.

Here is the top 5 things we love about the Mazda CX5:

1Sleek Exterior

The top feature is its sleek sexy exterior design. When was the last time you got excited to drive a car? The CX5 is one of the those rare opportunities to experience something special in a trip. When you walk up to this car, it excites you. Almost  Its the kind of car that

The headlight, grille and bumper design was highly impressive. The look they give the vehicle seems to add a bit of bravado to your own esteem.


2Internal Excellence

We would like to take this time to thank the good people at Mazda for such a well-designed interior. The attention to detail really comes to life here. We felt at home while driving. We felt like the driver was clearly kept in mind in its design phase.

The Smart cabin features a variety of accommodations at the tip of your fingers such as:

  • Important Bluetooth connectivity making functionality seamless.
  • Touchscreen display providing access to infotainment
  • Stereo speaker provide the right amount of bump you need
  • Backup camera, for a clear view while backing up


3Seating fit for a King, or Queen

Piggybacking on the interior. The seating in the CX5 is a mix of comfort, safety and stability. You can tell the folks at Mazda took their time with great attention to detail. These guys are simply artist. The way your back is supported during the drive is hard to find.

The heated front and back seat features ample space for friends and family. With plenty of cup holders for drinks and outlets for charging your passengers are well taken care of. In addition, the vehicle comes equipt with a huge sunroof ready to let the sun shine in.


4Super Sexy Rims

We loved the wheels on this puppy. Wow. Black beautiful rims just adds to the beauty of this car.

  • 19-inch aluminum-alloy wheels
  • P225/55 R19 all-season tires

Sporty wheels make you give the car a second and third look of admiration while walking away from it. The design of the rims are what really sets this vehicle apart from others. A head turner for sure.


5Terrific Trunk Space

Last but certainly not least is the trunk space and the smooth accessibility of it. Picking up the family from the airport, no problem. Loading up from the grocery store? No worries. Helping a friend move? Why not.  Night time? the cargo area light gives extra lightening you may need.

The storage area of the trunk is ready load up and head out!


Although fun to drive, this vehicle is dependably safe as well. Safety technology like adaptive cruise, blind spot monitoring, and automated emergency braking are available.

At the end of the day, this vehicle is more than amazing. Quality care was taken in its design. Mazda hit a home run with the CX5.

Go test drive one today, you’ll thank us later.SAM_0357