As a self-proclaimed auto enthusiast, I had a beautiful experience taking a ride in the KIA Optima. I’m not an easy guy to please when it comes to cars, yet I fell for the Optima fairly quickly.

Hop in the passenger side and let’s take a ride downtown while I chat through the particulars.

Let’s start with the cockpit:

Cozy, comfy and smart and the first words that come to mind.

The Smart Welcome detected the Smart Key which unfolded the outside mirrors and turned the door pocket lights on. I appreciate these types of features during late nights.

I love the interior of this car.

The broad windows will invite light in, allowing for an illuminated cockpit and a clear driving experience in the day or nighttime.

The vehicle even features solar control glass which helps reduce heat build up in the cockpit. How awesome is that?


The Optima’s leg room was more than accommodating for my 6-foot frame. The recline of the seats still allowed for extra space for your backseat riders.


The butter soft leather interior can make you feel like you are riding in a cloud, yet supportive enough to keep you alert and attentive to the road.

The attention to detail is apparent when it comes to seating. From the butt and back air ventilation to heated front and rear seats, this is what i call quality seating.


One of the first things i love to do is after getting my music going, is opening the roof. Who doesn’t like to feel the air flowing through your hair?


The size of the panoramic roof allowed me to see most of the skyscrapers, as i drove through downtown. The lightly tinted sunroof glass is exposed when operating the power sunshade.

Letting fresh air is, well, a breeze.


Seamless connectivity to Bluetooth had my heading bopping to Drake’s latest song within seconds. We have all had not so good experiencing taking a call through car speakers. I can honestly say a phone call sounds like you are in the same room with callers, without anyone knowing such clarity is coming through the car’s speakers.

I loved the handling out the steering wheel. I was able to conveniently adjust volume, change channels, take phone calls and activate cruise control, from the steering wheel.



The controls allow you to maintain focus and keep both hands on the wheel. Oh and the steering wheel is heated for those chilly nights.

Millenials will love the assortment of technology conveniences the Optima offers. Especially its UVO eServices

The UVO system comes equipt with Android Auto™ letting me use features of my Android phone onscreen. I was able to control navigation, music or other applications and still stay focused on the road.


When you are cruising around the city an advanced GPS system can be your best friend. The Optima has one of the most highly functional navigation systems I’ve come across.

Connections are smooth, even the automated voice levels a great while giving turn by turn directions, without competing with my music.


One of my favorite features is the ability to ‘pop’ the trunk by simply walking near it with the key in my pocket. No need to press anything. Within seconds the car recognizes you need to access the trunk and before you know it you’re filling it with groceries.

In addition, as a person that travels often, i really appreciate the generous trunk space. Take a look!


The Optima has a stylish frame and is a head turner. When i pulled up to valet for dinner, i got a lot of “what is that?” reactions from onlookers.

Nothing but positive compliments from friends and strangers alike.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for contemporary, affordable luxury that doesn’t compromise a smooth ride i suggest you take the Kia Optima for a spin, let me know what you think!

Be sure to visit KIA’s official website for more info on the KIA Optima.



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