Although wearing the right outfits in an interview doesn’t guarantee you a job of your dreams, it goes a long way in determining your fate.

Good first impressions in job interviews are vital for millennials.

Anytime you make your way into a room for a handshake with prospective future bosses, they form an instant impression of the kind of a person that you are. An interviewer is capable of forming an opinion based on your demeanor and appearance the moment you walk in.

Whether you are applying for jobs that require formal dressing or not, you must always wear something that looks formal, yet stylish during an interview.

This does not mean that it has to be a suit every now and then but you mustn’t walk in interviews in jeans simply because you’ve seen people walk in offices in them. You must ensure that you dress your best for the series on interviews you may undergo.

Dressing for important interviews has never been an easy task but there are several rules that you can adhere to and make the whole process a lot easier. Here are a few of them:

* Comfortability

Choose an outfit where you can feel relaxed. An outfit that youve never worn my not be your best bet. Yes, you’ll be super fresh but the idea here is comfort. You dont need any addition distractions, especially not your clothes. Although there is always a temptation to buy new outfits for such occasions, it’s important to ensure that you don’t have wardrobe malfunctions like split seams or see-me-throughs on your big day.

If you aren’t able to resist the temptation of buying new clothes for an interview, buy them earlier and do a road test before donning them for interviews. If you are prone to blushing or sweat marks, choose darker colors. Comfort is key is loosen that collar, so you may speak well. Get proper rest so that you may think well, and be prepared so that you may perform well.

* Confidence is vital

If you own smart dresses or suits that always attract compliments, don’t be afraid of reaching out to your old favorites. You will feel confidence by knowing that you look good. This means that you will be able to focus in the interview, after all, you came to market yourself.

Don’t forget to accessorize.  don’t be afraid to bring along your favorite tote hold your vitals such as folders holding resumes. Modest earrings, necklace, and a watch are always great accessories to compliment and bring your interview outfit together.

* Black is boring

If black is your favorite color when it comes to clothing, do not shy away from it but ensure that you add some flashes of colors or prints so that you can avoid blending with other candidates.

Printed silk blouses under classic black jackets are great outfits during interviews. Avoid wearing black dresses under black jackets that are accompanied with black shoes; this will go a long way in brightening your looks.

* Smile

There is absolutely no better accessory as compared to smiling. Always start an interview with a great smile while greeting the interviewers irrespective of how nervous you feel. This will make them warm to you immediately ensuring things kick off on a good note.

Nod and smile at interviewers because they are communicating with you. This will make you dictate the energy of the interview for your own good

* Shoes matter

When interviewers make glances up and down as you make an entry, their gazes will always end up on your shoes.

Ensure that you are absolutely clean; never choose heels that will make you uncomfortable when walking in since you aren’t aware of the distance you will walk inside the building before getting to the interview room.

Choose shoes you can trust. Closed-toe-mid-heels or flats are the safest options. Avoid fluoro-brights; you can use pastel styles since they add a brighter touch to outfits.