Have you ever realized that we become doubtful as our goals become clearer? When we start on a journey, our spirits and ambitions are usually high. However, along the way things become more challenging and at times in-achievable.

The fear of failing and lacking clarity overpowers our mind and we give-up. But did you know all this has to do with the mind and constructive behavior?

Overcoming our worry and focusing our energy on positive thinking is key to succeeding. The ancient practice of Firewalking was done and is still done to test somebody’s faith and power of the mind.

From a normal perspective, walking over hot coals, embers or stones is almost impossible. But people still do it and never get burnt. Why – Because of focusing their mind power on constructive thoughts. In fact, many will chant statements such as “ICE COLD” while walking on the path of fire.

Self-doubt comes when obstacles come closer to our point of view and many people give in to fear and worry. However, as Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa and Nobel Prize winner said, our greatest fear wasn’t that we were inadequate but rather the thought of having excess power beyond our imagination.

Unfortunately, many people never really put their mind in it and will sooner-rather-than-later lose faith, start worrying or give up.

Positive thinking is a key element to constructive behavior and starts with re-tuning your mindset and psychology. Before you embark on a challenge, you must first believe you have already won no matter what will come along the way.

Muhammad Ali, the legendary boxing champion once said that he was the greatest boxer even before he knew it. Such is the thinking of champions. Yes, there will be obstacles and challenges. But with positivism and constructive behavior nothing is in-achievable.

Taking a leap of faith is critical to finding solutions to life problems and doesn’t matter whether it is financial, emotional, social, psychological, physical or any other. We need to get over the doubt and stick to our positive thinking even when the odds seem to be against us.

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Once you have the energy and focus to overcome it, no obstacle will seem impossible. In fact, rather than it becoming bigger as we come closer to it, it will be shrinking.


Getting over our fear and worry is something we have in us but are at times too blinded by the negative thoughts in our minds or life experiences. Have you ever wondered how some people sail through life smoothly while others seem to struggle all the times?

A famous quote by Zig Ziglar says, “that FEAR is two sided and it all depends on which side you view it from.” Negative or ordinary thinkers see it and the best solution is to forget everything and run. However, positive thinkers see it, stand their ground and get ready to face it.

This quote is further supported by another quote from W. Clement Stone that states “thinking will not conquer fear, taking action will.”

Worrying or being fearful about life obstacles and challenges is part of being human. However, the kind of thinking and approach you have when facing the challenges will determine the kind of solution you will come up with.

Positive thinking, using the Power of the Mind, Self-belief and taking a leap of faith is key to facing the obstacles. Never let your fear of what may happen stop something from happening.