Even if you are boarding a plane each week, there are still travel secrets worth discovering. Do you know how to get into any airport lounge? Are you aware of the best way to engage a global client during a business trip? Or which travel app can turn your missed connection into an amazing evening?

Enjoy the travel tips, app reviews and insider secrets that follow.

Tip 1: Depart Early

Road warriors know that catching the earliest possible flight of the day is wise. Challenging weather, glitches, unplanned maintenance and a host of other issues can impact thousands of flights across the airline network. So start early, arrive early, and research the smartest routes by checking out

The advantage: Google flights quickly hits every airline’s database, the visual interface is user friendly and will suggest savings with small itinerary adjustments in certain scenarios.

Tip 2: Recover From a Missed Connection

If you find yourself stranded overnight at the airport or on the road, CNET’s Sharon Profis recommends the clever HotelTonight app as a solution. HotelTonight is a highly-ranked hotel booking app with millions of users that trust them to recommend great hotels that can be booked in the moment.

This app also cuts the clutter, with curated collections of “Luxe” “Hip,” or “Solid,” across properties in North America, Europe, Central/South America, and lets you book as late as 2 a.m. on the night you’re checking in.

Tip 3: Become the Insider

If you are facing an extended layover and simply need a shower, unlimited Wi-Fi, or a work space the LoungeBuddy app lets you know what complimentary and pay-as-you-go lounges are available in more than 500 airports worldwide.

The free app also allows you to purchase instant access at hundreds of airports worldwide or book a lounge in advance, without any membership cards or annoying upfront fees.

Pro tip: Gilbert Ott, contributor to Condé Nast Traveler shares that frequent travelers may find Priority Pass to be a great deal.

Behind the scenes: this membership-based app features access to over 850 lounges, which you can access just by pulling up your mobile membership card on your phone. You’ll pay $99 bucks to get started and just $29 per visit after that.

Tip 4: Safe Passage

Save time, minimize risk, and walk past long taxi lines when you book licensed transportation in advance and for your final destination. Jordan Arnold, managing director of the private client group for K2 Intelligence, reminds us that travel security is very important, “Virtually every airport has people trying to offer rides who are not authorized to do so. Some of them are well-intentioned, and some of them are not,” Arnold shares in his recent interview for Worth Magazine.

Building on the licensed transportation path, travel websites such as KAYAK can be a cost effective approach to securing a rental car as part of a travel package.

Pro tip: Travel+Leisure contributor Tom Samiljan reports that KAYAK’s app includes many valuable extras, such as an itinerary manager, a flight tracker, and a currency converter.  

Need a different solution? If a driver is preferred, check into as they have been delivering passengers over 12 years and currently reach 2000+ airports worldwide. They offer instant airport transfer reservations for everything from a share ride van or private shuttle bus to executive sedan services to and from the airport.

Tip 5: Globetrotters

For all of us who carry passports and have had a few unplanned international business trips, it is important to understand; 2016 Passport updates; pay attention to the U.S. Department of State travel warnings; and be prepared to properly engage our global customers.

Pro tip: Steven Fox, president of Fastport Passport’s highlights:

  • 1) Renew your passport early. The current surge in demand for passports is the highest since 2007. Routine processing takes four-to-six weeks or longer.
  • 2) When you renew your passport, keep your old passport if you still have valid visas. You can travel with both passports if you still have valid visas in your previously expired passport.
  • 3) Consider applying for a second duplicate passport. If you’re a frequent traveler, this allows you to have two passports so you can submit one for a visa and travel on the other passport.

Another good reminder Steven Fox discusses with his Huffington Post audience includes paying attention to the U.S. Department of State travel warnings before finalizing your international itinerary.

This is important to monitor because anytime there is a security concern within the international community, a travel alert is issued.

Global Engagement

Next, CEO’s have recently named cultural competence as one of the top critical skills they want leadership teams to have in order to properly engage global customers. This made the experts at CT Business Travel think, “wouldn’t it be really useful to research and produce an illustrative guide that provides an easy to digest overview of the essential cultural differences for when professionals meet international clients, suppliers and colleagues overseas?”  

So they did and here is the brilliant infographic.

Wrap Up

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