Dating is no doubt a complex game that can only be won with lots of mindfulness. It is being able to enjoy another person’s company without getting too indulged that you lose yourself. It is about setting your true self out in front of them without infringing on their personality.

While the importance of mindfulness in dating is obvious, few people really understand what it entails.

Here are 5 ways to help you become a more mindful dater:

Focus on the Present

Most people go on dates with so many distractions on their minds that they become emotionally detached from the party. You might not think it possible but your partner will obviously notice your ‘absence’ and probably take it as a cue that you are disinterested. If you decide to put yourself out there’ you should also try and focus on your date for a chance at another.

Don’t be Judgmental

IF you are going on a first date you may want to stray away from conversations that have the potential to explode. Topics such as politics and religion can get people offended real quick. Now that thats settled, steer your convo clear of strong views. This will allow your date to stay out of the judgement zone. You dont want someone to get pissed at opposing views, as these situations are hard to bounce back from.

There will be plenty enough time for the discussions as your friendship grows.  Be mindful to encourage your dates positive attributes, they will remember your kind thoughts.

Listen to that Inner Voice

First impressions mean a lot. You want to make good quality decisions when your on a first date. You are going to want to trust yourself to say, do and the right things. This requires listening to the voice inside that warns of bad decisions and encourages good ones.

Listen to that voice will give you peace of mind. The peace of following sound judgement will make for an amazing evening. Leaving you with the freedom a stress-less date.

Be Compassionate

If you went out on a date but aren’t happy with the person you met, dont hesitate to let them know. Find a compassionate way to tell them exactly how you feel, so there is no time wasted. Nothing hurts like learning that a person didn’t like you as much as you thought they would. Since some are more sensitive than others we must consider softening the blow.

Try sending them some flowers or a note with a heartfelt message instead of leaving them at a restaurant. Simply considering a person’s feelings before you act is the most important aspect of dating.

Don’t Hide, Be the Real You

Many people make the mistake of trying to present a particular image that they think will impress their date. Hiding your personality is way too much work and can cause you to react in a unnatural way to normal situations. Being ‘unreal’ might also make you less compassionate and judgmental towards people.

If you feel as if your dating game is on a downward spiral, try these mindfulness strategies to get back on track.

When a person realizes just how thoughtful, kind and compassionate you really are, they will become more attracted to you. Nobody says that changing habits is easy but it is certainly worth it if it will land you the partner of your dreams.