The hectic nature and daily stress of modern lifestyles has made mental health more important than ever. Meditation is one proven way of combating stress and helping to clear your mind. It entails entering a state of deep peace and tranquility, which happens when the mind is silent and calm.

Other benefits of meditation include helping to cultivate tolerance, patience, creativity and kindness. It can also slow the brain-aging process, improve memory and productivity, calm your nerves and minimize depression and anxiety.

There are many meditation techniques. In the recent past, mindfulness meditation has come to the fore, mainly due to its simplicity. It emphasizes on developing our ability to focus on our immediate experience.

This can mean, for example, focusing on a particular sound or feeling. Mindfulness entails tuning our thoughts to the present moment, without rehashing what is in the past or imagining what will happen in the future. There are various apps that can help you to get started on this type of meditation.

These apps will help you to de-stress by welcoming you into a world of encouraging words, chirping birds and calm.

Here are 7 great iPhone apps that you can use to enjoy the process of meditation, whether you are a beginner or an expert.


Priced at $2.99, this app is suitable for those living busy lives in cities. It is designed to assist you to meditate and relax on the go. It features customized meditation tracks and has over 180 audio exercises to aid in the development of mindfulness, compassion and calmness, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

There are meditations for sleeping, workplace situations, when you are stressed or when you are confronted by difficult emotions and pain. It is particularly recommended for beginners.


For successful meditation, you need total commitment and continuous practice. The Headspace app has inbuilt meditation programs to help you maximize focus, reduce stress and sleep faster. Its guided programs are designed to promote healthy meditation. You can play the sessions anywhere, at any time or download them for offline listening.

This app is like a personal mind trainer and it comes with a timer, reminders and trackers. It features a free package (called Take10 series) with ten guided daily meditations. Once you subscribe, you can access hundreds more or record your own.


Meditation is both subtle and personal. What you find to be relaxing may be extremely annoying to another person. For this reason the Omvana app has been innovatively designed to cater for everybody’s needs.

This free app comes with a mix of rhythms, audio tracks and hums to assist you to relax and get nourishment in the daily meditation sessions.

The Mindfulness App

Costing $2.99,this app provides you with the opportunity to meditate in silence. It also links you to a store that has guided meditations featuring experts such as Sharon Salzberg and Jon Kabat-Zinn.

As a user, you can manage your meditation easily by selecting a desired time frame for each session,ranging from 3 to 30 minutes. There are gentle bells and alert reminders for each session. This app is a great option for beginners who wish to set up a regular schedule for meditation.

Smiling Mind

The Smiling Mind is a free app that is designed for all ages- and it is especially useful for those seeking to begin meditation at a young age. It offers lifelong tools to help maximize on meditation. It is created by psychologists who are experts in adolescent and youth therapy and the app even provides programs for seven year old kids.

Meditation Made Simple

This free app is appropriate for beginners. It was created by Russell Simmons, a hip hop luminary who has practiced meditation for decades. In the app, Simmons guides you on the fundamentals of meditation.

Simply Being

Costing $1.99, this app lets users enjoy a simple, personalized mediation experience. It allows you to determine how long you wish to meditate, the music you prefer, or whether you want sounds of nature, simple silence or music with no guided meditation.

There are various situations in life that can sometimes threaten to overwhelm you.

Using any of these apps can assist you to improve your ability to maintain calmness in the face of life’s challenges.