How upbeat is your LinkedIn profile? With LinkedIn fast becoming the strongest social business network, it is the best tool for online career building.

There is no limit as to the levels your career can reach and the direction it can take when you use LinkedIn properly.

To keep an attractive and professional tone on your LinkedIn, here is what you should avoid doing. Do not..

  1. Be passive.

In order to make LinkedIn valuable, be active and involved. Do not hesitate to update your status several times a week. Keep the updates professional and fresh. You could post links to events, updates on professional endeavors and promotions as these portray a vibrant personality and draw the attention of possible employers. Create a voice by joining groups. Be that person that adds value and has a solution to something.

While it is good to be active, don’t over-do it by posting updates every other minute. This waters down the value of what you have to say.

  1. Write anyhow.

As they say, the internet never forgets. With this knowledge, you should always craft attention grabbing and professional content. Some proof reading will ensure you do away with grammatical errors that cast bad light on your competence. Perfect and polish on how you do anything you present to this community.

  1. Give lousy endorsements.

Whenever you have to endorse anyone, do it genuinely. Advocate for people whom you know well and have had a firsthand experience of their skills. Just because a connection has endorsed you in LinkedIn doesn’t mean you are obligated to endorse them as a gesture of returned favor. Remember LinkedIn may also suggest an endorsement but it is upon you to make the judgement as to whether that individual is deserving of your endorsement.

  1. Spam.

There is already more than enough spam going around on every other platform. Using spam messages to sell ideas to your LinkedIn connections does more harm than good to your profile.

Apart from spamming being against LinkedIn policy, it is looked down upon by people and will definitely cause you to start losing connections rapidly.

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  1. Send random requests for connections.

Be skillful in the way you ask for connections. First, you should send connection requests only from those people that you have had professional encounters with. Avoid sending connection requests to all and sundry.

Secondly, when sending out connection requests, make them simple and easy. Find a common ground between you and the recipient and use this to make it clear why you think it would be proper for the two of you to connect. Send only one connection request per individual.

  1. Get the picture wrong.

Get your profile noticed in the right way. Always ensure that you use a picture that portrays you as a professional. Save the glamour and party mode for Facebook and other sites. Make the photos clear and as up to date as possible.

Making good use of social media is something everyone should learn. Effective use of social media is an integral part of your professional clout. Remember to dedicate time, effort, discipline and attention deserving of a powerful tool career defining tool.