The holidays are here yet again. The big question on everyone’s mind is how and with whom are they going to spend it.

If you don’t already have plans to travel abroad, the club is the destination of choice for many on NYE. It turns out that the desire for crowds drifts away as you get older.


Gals and gents, it is ok to spend some time alone on NYE. Believe it or not, staying home can be quite invigorating.

Putting aside stereotypes and criticisms, traditional partying is pretty much played out. I know i run the risk of sounding old but why not opt for some alone-time as the ball drops? It can surprisingly turn out to be quite fruitful and fun as opposed to spending a ton of cash at a club.

Here are a couple alternatives to consider.

Stay local. If you do decide to go out, stay local. Find a “get together” with a small group of friends. If you are single and searching, why not bring the new year in with a new friend at a new restaurant you’ve only heard about but never been to. How about ushering 2016 at a local church with other faithful.

Refresh Yourself. Don’t you think you can take out time and indulge yourself in a one-of-its-kind makeover? A full body message, a facial scrub, a fresh haircut works renewing wonders. When you look and feel good, you boost your own self confidence and will be in a better position to take on the world with your newly invigorated self.

Finish a good book. Get off to a good start by finishing a book you began but haven’t finished. As the clock trikes twelve, snuggle up with a self help or a novel you love and complete it in a day or two. You are guaranteed to will feel great!

Cook a different dinner for yourself. There is always the feeling of excitement in trying out something new. Hop online and grab a recipe you have always wanted to try. If you have children who can help out with one or two random tasks, engage them to make it more fun.

You might surprise yourself by stumbling upon the greatest discovery in your culinary adventure and meal of choice with which you can wow your guests.

The list of fun things to do is almost endless so start somewhere. Have fun in the process. Staying home this year will work wonders at rejuvenating your mind, soul and body.

Be honest, doesn’t staying off of the roads, saving money, avoiding regrettable moments sound better and better? Lets build momentum for the start of the new year and next phase of your life.