Setting life goals isn’t something you do when setting your New Year’s resolution.

It’s something one has to constantly works on, add to it, and improve upon it to achieve all the things they desire in life. All life goals don’t have to be farfetched ideas that dazzle everyone. They can be as simple as working in a 15 minute jog into your daily routine or systematically climbing the corporate ladder.

To put it simply, goal setting marks the very first step in successfully achieving them, it’s something that drives people to move forward.

If you aren’t setting goals for yourself and if you aren’t constantly striving to become a better version of your former self, you are basically sleepwalking your way through life.

You will see these types of people slowly drifting through life, spiraling in the same place you last left them, devoid of meaning full experiences and depth that brings out the best in an individual.

Among the many things a focused mind can achieve, the following are the main reasons why setting life goals are absolutely crucial.

Clarifies your vision to reveal your path

The problem with not having a goal in your life is the equivalent of running up and down the field of life, without ever scoring. There is a defining difference between the people that have goals and those that don’t.

Everything a man with a plan does adds and complements his goals, while an aimless man is under the illusion that they are doing a lot of things, when in reality it is what other people want and these things never end up benefiting them.

Setting goals enables you to articulate your desires, spell them out so you clearly understand where to utilize your time, energy, and efforts. Everything you witness in this world is created twice, once in the mind of the person, it is then made into reality.

It drives you

One’s goals are a reflection of what they desire and want to accomplish in life. Your goals are your source of motivation, which ultimately drive you into taking the necessary steps and action to realize them.

If you ever find yourself losing your motivation as life weighs you down, sit down and meditate.

Focus on the goals that hold the most meaning to you, visualize and break them down into easily achievable steps and cross them off your list one by one.

You realize that you alone are accountable

Goal setting essentially makes you responsible for your situation; it holds you accountable for your actions and the consequences that follow. Only when an aimless person realizes that at the end of the day they have to answer to themselves and no one else puts them in action mode.

This obligation you place on yourself enables you to spend that extra time working on an important report rather than web surfing.

These are just few of them many benefits setting life goals can do for an individual. If you find yourself stuck in a limbo, take the time to sit with yourself, think hard over where you are and where you need to go. Then actively work to make that a reality, as you alone are responsible for your destiny.

No one else is going to do it for you, the sooner you take the driving seat the better.