Spread Love, Find Peace.

Spread Love, Find Peace.


It’s very easy to lose sight of your aims, ambitions, and goals in life and join the rat race to chasing money and pay bills. During difficult and testing times, many people turn to God to help. It even seems when He comes to our aid, we can become ungrateful and proud. I don’t know why this is surprising because we do the same to our earthly parents.

Too many of us allow ourselves to operate unchecked. Zero accountability, doing whatever we want and saying whatever we want, no matter whom it hurts. Remember, we read exactly what we sow. If you plant tomato seeds, you will get tomatoes. If you sow love, peace and joy you will reap these virtues in your own life.

God is Love. Love is the answer.

Spread Love

Coming into the knowledge that mankind was never meant to be alone, we must have a more compassionate view for our fellow man. The fact is, we all need each other. Start to love others as well as yourself. Be quick to make wrongs, right.

If you are wrong in a situation, admit your mistake. If you have children, teach them how to make smart decisions, not impulsive ones. If you have a neighbor going through a difficult period, help them out. If you have been used, learn to forgive. Before you realize it, your life will be much easier and you will have more clarity towards your life goals.


You Will Find Peace

When your money isnt right, its hard to find peace. When there is distress in your home, its hard to find peace. If there is dis-ease inside you, its hard to find peace. Noise is the norm in my part of the planet. From radio/tv programming to corporation pulling on your to buy what they believe is best for you, we are pulled in a million directions.

While the economy has seemed to have recovered, ask the Average Joe today and he’ll tell how difficult it is to clear college debt and/or to raise a family despite having a good yearly income. We are in difficult times indeed. Despite the advancement in society, we still face racism, abuse of power, and corruption all over the globe.

The Bible calls Christ, the Prince of Peace. If you are having difficulty finding peace elsewhere, try casting all of your cares on the true burden barer.  Let’s all make a pledge to live our lives humbly, peaceful, be thankful for what we have in both good time and bad times.

We must get into the habit of eliminating discord among family and friends. Its time to live in harmony. Its time to agree, unify and get on one accord. A true renaissance of peace, not war.


‘Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

James 1:17