Ever wondered why your friend can be able to stay awake till 1 am, and still make up waking up very early in the morning? Basically, this has to do with his/her internal clock that he/she has set for him/herself.

It is usually very possible for a person to train him/herself to be alert in the morning than in the evening. This write up will provide you with tips that can help you out in your attempt to become a morning person.

The early bird apparently does get the worm. According to research, morning people are normally more successful than evening people since, as a group, they often tend to be proactive.

Implement these 7 Tips to Early Morning Excellence

Trimming Evening Obligations

If you wish to be waking up early in the morning, it’s important you trim down the evening obligations. Most people usually over- estimate how much available time they’ve got and take on the projects which they’ve got no business committing themselves to.

Basically, in order to decompress your day, assume that you only have two hours less in the evenings ( to set aside to wind up your projects) and say no to things which often infringe on to that time. This will enable you be in a position to go to bed early on a daily basis.

Piling on the Protein

Breakfast is usually considered the most essential meal of the day. Therefore, in your attempt to make your mornings more bearable, a stick of chewing gum is not going in any way to cut it. After you’ve slept all night, our blood sugar and metabolism rates are often low; we therefore require a healthy breakfast meal to re- energize ourselves.

Your breakfast should consist of proteins, veggies or colorful fruits. Adding fortified soy-milk to your breakfast menu can really help you out in your attempt to become a morning person. This will energize your body and you will fill very strong in the morning.

Rewarding Yourself

Once you manage to wake up early in the morning, make the extra time you’ve created be an advantage of building in a few minutes of a ‘reward’. Rewarding yourself can involve reading your favorite blog column or newspaper, meditating or doing an exercise routine.

Not having to race out the door when you wake up early or having an extra cup of tea can be a good reward. It is important that you reward yourself with something which mean something to you.

Exercising When you Wake Up

Early morning workout can assist in boosting the morning energy surge, as you’ll have elevated Adrenalin levels and body temperature for several minutes after exercising. Studies have proved that carrying out workouts before the breakfast meal helps in burning more calories than exercising after the breakfast meal.

Inviting Light Indoors

Bright Light coming from a light box which is designed in a manner that it can emit light which is similar to sunlight can probably be the most powerful product you can make use of to force yourself awake in the morning.

Your brain is often sensitive to temperature and light, which is the reason why we do not sleep well in the morning after a certain time even if we went to bed past bedtime the previous day. Light boxes can usually range from 50 to 200 US dollars.

However, if spending money on light- emitting box does not sound like a good idea, place the bed you sleep on in front of your blind- less window so that light from outside can wake you early in the morning.

Turning Everything Off

Keep the television and radio volumes low in the evening in order to create an atmosphere which will lull you into a sleepy mode. This will assist you associate the evenings with slowing down and thus you will be able prepare your mind mentally for a sleeping mode.

Stop Snoozing

The snooze button was designed to allow people go back to sleep for a few minutes without re- entering a deep sleep cycle, and therefore can easily hinder your transformation into an early riser. Ensure that you respect your alarm by waking up once it rings


Last, but not least, it’s my sincere hope that you’ll use the aforementioned tips in your attempt to become an early riser and that they’ll help you become successful in life.