One of the major concepts that have brought a tremendous revolution in the field of modern technology is Internet of Things.

The concept refers to a technology that enables sensors, actuators and network connectivity to be connected to objects. The resultant networks thus produce data that is analyzed by computer networks. Moreover, each object can uniquely undergo identification through its embedded software system.

Purpose of Internet of Things

The new concept has been adopted in diverse fields as discussed below:

I. Control of energy

Devices that are connected to computer software can be integrated into different devices that use energy. Electronic objects such as power control centers can be connected to a power supply to ensure a balance in energy use and the amount of power generated. The technology is also beneficial to energy consumers since they can control their devices from different remote locations through cloud computer networking.

2. Environmental conservation and management

Environmental conservation has over the year’s embraced advanced technology. Sensors are used to control and monitor atmospheric conditions, water, air as well as living organisms in their natural habitat. The new technology has resulted in efficient weather forecasting and hence has lead to effective disaster preparedness

3. Industrial application

This new technology has also been used purposefully in industries. Most industries are now embracing the concept of automation as opposed to the manual use of labor. Through data analysis and computer programming, manufacturing processes has been made more efficient Moreover; there has been an increase in productivity since the advanced products and service delivery suites the customers.

4. Application in Media and Communication

Media has heavily adopted the new concept. The technology allows for the efficient dissemination of information across different parts of the world within a short span of time. Through the use of dual connectivity, media establishment can now deliver services that are tailored toward customer taste and preferences. The content of advertising has also changed considerably as advertisers use the dual connection to monitor target audience.

5. Transport Industry

The new technology has also affected the integration of communications systems, control, and information storage across various transportation industries. Application of the technology extends to all aspects of transportation systems, such as the vehicle, the infrastructure, and the user. Dynamic interaction between these components of a transport system enables efficient traffic control, electronic toll collection systems, logistic and fleet management and vehicle control system. The new technology has revolutionized the transport sector.

Cisco estimates the IoT will consist of 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020.

Origin of the concept

The ideology of Internet of things was first adopted in 1999 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Auto-ID center. Other publications that were related to market analysis also shed light on the new concept. A scientist at the institution found out that computer technology could manage and tore information of people and objects if identifiers were available.

Future benefits to humans

The technology will have a great impact on the future life of the people. Every aspect of life will be affected.

Automation of data will lead to an increase in productivity. This is due to the production of efficient and cost effective products.

Sensors will provide information about infrastructural development and environmental conditions hence will give decision makers an increased awareness of events happening across different locations. It will be now possible to make advanced weather forecasting which will thus help in averting devastating hazards such as cyclones and typhoons.

The new technology will also help in the fight against crime. Law enforcement officers have adopted the use of advanced technology in controlling insecurity. CCTV cameras now use integrated computer system where events which are happening are recorded and then sent to a central server for analysis. The transport industry will also benefit a lot from this technology. Tracking devices can be fixed on the vehicles to monitor their movements and send the data to a control panel.

Business organizations should begin taking steps to prepare themselves for these changes by using the new technologies to increase business activities.

Productivity can be increased if the new technology is properly utilized during production. Business organizations and industries should ensure that they adopt this new technology. Personnel training should be undertaken through attending exhibitions as well as visiting other firms that have already started applying the concept to carry out its daily operations.

The future of technology is bright since the concept of Internet of Things is a milestone in the advancement of modern technology.