If you’re looking for ways to increase your salary, then keep reading. In this article, I describe how I quadrupled my salary in 10 years flat.

Rather than writing about my specific industry and the types of jobs I had, I will focus on the process of how I leveraged my attitude to increase my income.

1Start somewhere

Upon completing my master’s degree, I accepted the first job offered to me. I didn’t care about the salary, because I had to start somewhere. Had I been picky about salary, I may have found myself without work for a while. You don’t have to “settle,” just start where you are, with what you have, and what’s available to you.

2Go above and beyond

Wherever and whenever possible, I take on extra responsibilities without additional pay. I volunteer for everything that my work load permits. Where your schedule allows, volunteer to help in areas you wouldn’t normally work. It shows that you’re a team player and are willing to do what needs to be done to achieve the mission. This often leads to promotions.

3See the bigger picture

Think about how the larger community is impacted by the work you’re doing. So you don’t get overwhelmed, consider taking it one level at a time. For example, if you’re working at the state level, consider how you can impact the region. Larger scope jobs often pay more.

4Relocate if necessary

Sometimes, we are inhibited by our geographic location. Perhaps you’re in a remote area where jobs are limited. If so, consider relocating somewhere that can offer you more opportunities for professional growth.

5Make a measurable difference

Showing impact is necessary. Gone are the days where we can just say we did something to make a difference. Nowadays, we have to show, usually with numbers, that what we did made a measurable difference. Monitor the difference you’re making. Measure it, track it over time, and report it.

6Take the necessary steps to advance yourself

Once I took a pay cut so that I could hone some skills I knew would be needed in subsequent jobs. Do whatever you have to do to set yourself up for success. Stay current with the needs of your industry. Take classes, sharpen your skills, etc.

7Strategically brand yourself

If you don’t have a brand, develop one. You should have an elevator speech on who you are, what you do, and what makes you special. But first, assess your industry to determine what skills are currently lacking, and brand yourself around those gaps. This will increase your value.

8Make your goals known to the right people

It does you no good if the people in the position of promoting you don’t know that you’re interested in moving up the ladder. Make sure your leaders know your career goals.

9Get a mentor

We don’t know what we don’t know. Find someone you trust, who is in a higher paying position to which you are seeking, and see if they will mentor you. Find out all you can about what it’s like at that level, what it takes to get there, and how to be successful once you get there.

10Do what you love

It’s important to have a career that you love. If you get in touch with who you are and what you love, the salary will come.

Hopefully you will find these tips helpful. I hope that, if you apply them, you have much success.


I’d love to hear about what has been helpful for you. Please feel free to share!




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Dr. Jennifer L. Prince is a counseling psychologist with over 10 year's experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist. She is a veteran of the United States Navy and has been married for over two decades. She is a lover of animals, Paleo cooking, and purposeful living. Her life's mission is to empower people to break free from old, conditioned patterns, and live a life of happiness, fulfillment, and freedom from suffering.