Success Is Not All about Money

Success Is Not All about Money


Success is a term that is often thrown around way too much. Even though is a relative term it is often related to money. We tend to look at being rich or having tons of money as a bonus of being successful, not the very definition of it.

Whether you believe it or not, in your personal life and professional, most of the potential of success depends on two things:

  1. The ability to function physically, psychologically, and emotionally.
  2. Finding the balance between where your work stops and your personal life starts.

Professional Success

Professionals define success in many ways. This may include developing skills that improve proformance in the workplace, increasing productivity to improve incentives, having a balanced life, and/ or reaching the top of the management hierarchy.

Defining your professional goals and gaining the recognition of your peers is the ultimate measure of workplace success. There is a cherry on top! Cash is going to be an added and very welcomed bonus.

For the entrepreneur, success may include having a strong business foundation, a memorable brand, and customer base to build on. Business owners that focus solely on making money typically don’t reward their employees with incentives they deserve. On the other hand, business owners that focus on building a positive company culture are bound to have a more satisfied and productive workforce.

Remember that in professional life, success eventually comes down to how positively people above and below your designation perceive you.

Personal Success

For some, being successful could mean having more money than their neighbor, a lavish lifestyle, or a higher status in the society. Others believe being successful is raising a lovely family and teaching their offspring to be good people.

The first person may have all the money he/ she wants in the world, but at times they may feel delusional or unhappy with life. On the other hand, the second person may not have as much money as he/ she would like, but they will be happier and more content in life.

There is no straight definition of success as it applies to many aspects other than our personal and professional lives. However, success in life ultimately comes down to having the liberty to live a fulfilling life that inspires others around your community. That liberty is shrouded in elements like health, respect and love. Not BMW, Bently and Benz. 

There isn’t much special about material things. Making money isn’t hard. It comes and it goes. What does success mean and look like to you? The mature realize that money doesn’t not necessary mean you are winning in life. Don’t be that person pumped up with the pride that can come along big paydays.

We aren’t hating on your bank statement. Just don’t let it go to your head. I wouldn’t be your friend if i didn’t make you aware of money’s pride (its the reason why you must not fall in love with $).