A Samsung phone worthy of the “flagship” moniker, the Galaxy S6 series has recently been released by the South Korean phone maker.  Available in two varietals, the S6 and S6 Edge, these devices have been re-designed from the ground up and are a vast leap forward in juxtaposition to the S5 device.  With the S6 Edge, Samsung is looking to be “cutting edge,” abolishing puns and competition with it’s latest offering.  Let’s cover 5 Features of Samsung’s S6 Edge…

  1. The Curved Display

The Galaxy S6 features a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display and with Quad HD resolution (1440 x 2560 pixels) it’s 25% brighter than the Galaxy S5 display.  This leads to improvement in many lighting conditions, especially outdoors.  Visually impressive, the curved display on the S6 Edge is not only attractive but functional.  It displays missed alerts, notifications, beside clock, weather and a customization information stream.

You’re able to configure a selection of your favorite contacts that can be quickly accessed via a swipe from the edge, for calls and text.  The contacts are color coded, (Mom: Purple, Dad: Red etc.) so when they call your phone while it’s face down, the edge lights up with that contact’s associated color.

s6 curve

  1. Metal and Glass Body

This kind of engineering deserves high quality construction and Samsung did not skimp on the S6 build materials.  They’ve ditched the plastic bodies and upgraded to the aluminum frames with Gorilla Glass 4 glass panels on the front and back of the device.  This not only increases the overall build quality but improves the look and feel of the device.

By far, this is the most luxurious looking Galaxy S device ever. Current color options are White, Black, and Gold but Blue Topaz and Green Emerald will be released at a later date.

  1. The Camera

Like its predecessor the S5, the S6 is fitted with a 16Mp rear camera but an upgraded version.  The aperture lets in much more light than before, increasing the overall sharpness of photos, especially when there is limited light.  The front camera has been improved over its 2MP ancestor and now boasts a 5MP spec, also containing an improved aperture (f1.9 lens) for poor lighting situations. galaxy-s6-camera

The Optical Image Stabilization feature will allow the shooter to abrogate much of the shake and tremor during video capture.  The camera can be quickly accessed by a double click of the home button.

  1. Wireless Charging/Fast Charging

The Galaxy S6 non-removable battery is pretty powerful at 2550 mAh with wireless charging built in.  If you opt for the wireless approach, you can “Cut the Cord” as you no longer have to chase down your micro usb cord, just set the device on a compatible wireless charging pad and watch it power up.  Wireless charging pads would have to be purchased separately.  Samsung will be selling its own charging pads, but the phones will be compatible with any wireless pad that supports this technology.  The S6 devices feature Adaptive Fast Charging technology that speeds up the charging process. 

Samsung says a quick 10-minute charge will provide about 4 hours of usage.

s6 charger

  1. Fingerprint Reader

Samsung has done away with the “scanning” fingerprint fingerprinttechnology inherent in the former Galaxy devices.  A touch-based fingerprint reader, similar to Apple’s Touch ID is now available and with the current trend in mobile payments, this feature “future proofs” the device for some time.

Users can leverage this feature to make mobile payments with Samsung Pay, a streamlined payments solution that is beginning to be introduced in markets around the world.  The Fingerprint reader can also be used to unlock your device by simply holding your finger on the home button.


Bye Bye Battery, so long SD Card…

Samsung designers bade farewell to the concept of a removable battery – so no more carrying an extra for the emergency swap out while on-the-go.  This starkly contrasts the Samsung “Don’t Be a Wall Hugger” marketing campaign of 2014 that jested users of the iPhone, bound by their need for a charge causing them to “hug” walls for power outlets.  This transition to an embedded battery helped to reduce the overall weight and profile of the S6 devices. A trade-off that while understandable, will take some getting used to.

Gone also is the expandable memory feature – so no more adding your own micro SD card to increase your storage on demand.  The devices are shipped with preconfigured (and accordingly priced) storage volumes: 32 GB, 64 GB & 128 GB.  You’ll have to decide, at purchase time, how much storage you think you’ll need throughout the lifespan of your smartphone.  This is an approach that Apple has had in place since the genesis of the smartphone revolution, initiated by the first iPhone release in 2007.  Samsung has now adopted it as it’s own.

Overall, the S6 Edge is the Flagship of Flagship devices, superbly engineered offering a great balance of feature and fashion.  The S6 Edge is definitely the sexiest and fastest smartphone available.