Priest, Provider & Protector: Living Up to Responsibilities

Priest, Provider & Protector: Living Up to Responsibilities


A friend of mine recently shared with me a casual conversation that she had with a male acquaintance. During their chat, the man said that it is a woman’s responsibility to set the tone of a relationship.  His rationale was that no matter how good a man is, it is virtually impossible for him to turn down a woman’s advances.  Basically, a man only follows the woman’s lead.

Although my friend did say that was the dumbest thing she had ever heard, she did quickly retort to this theory and passionately explained that a man is more than just an innocent by-stander in a relationship.  A man has very specific duties and responsibilities that he is designed to be accountable to.  These roles include being the Priest, the Provider, and the Protector.

Not understanding and acknowledging these duties allows its evil counterpart to take over.

So which one are you?


The Priest black_man_praying

Integrity, honesty, patience, and loyalty encapsulate the character of a Priest.

A Priest carries the spiritual responsibility of teaching, training, and watching over those who have chosen to follow him. It is his relationship with God that sets the tone for the type of authority and pride that will transfer into the lives of the persons he leads.

He sees those who God has given him the power to influence as delicate sheep who must be vigilantly guarded at all times.  The individuals who are attached to him trust his judgment because he is directly controlled by God.

It is imperative that women only allow men who are headed by God to have a significant role in our lives.  A man with no head is dead!  That’s right, his spirit is dead to all of the qualities needed to safeguard you.

The only way a man would know how to respect your body, mind, and spirit was if he had the kind of relationship that caused him to respect his first.

The Provider 

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A man’s duty as a provider is essential to the growth and advancement of those he is surrounded by.  The provision he makes is not just limited to monetary assistance.  Though financial support is vital, his presence is equally as crucial.

His ability to physically, emotionally, and financially supply security, stability, and strength, is the ingredient that elevates his relationships to more than just mere casual encounters.

No matter how much a woman tries to fulfill the role, she can never replace the impact a man has as a provider.

A child that has not had a strong male presence provided will more than likely face difficulties that lead to emotional and social problems.

The Protector 00088

A man owning the idea of protector ensures that the other roles of priest and provider will function effectively.  A man who has worked diligently to establish his reputation in the other areas is mindful of the results of every choice he makes.

He recognizes that one bad decision can cost him everything he has labored for.  Smoking, drinking, and having casual sex are all situations that could produce severe consequences. A protector is not willing to take the risk.

If a community is despondent, a family is broken, or a relationship is failed, it is because of a man’s failure to fortify himself as a protector. 

The protector knows his greatest investment is in the lives of others.  He sees it as an honor to serve and empower individuals to succeed.  So, if a man can only offer sex or money, run because in the end that is probably all he will protect.

I predict many will read this and utter, how can a woman educate a man on his responsibility?  Good point!  I guess the same way Bishop T.D. Jakes has ministered to countless women and enlightened them. Truth is truth no matter who speaks it.

It is time for more men to step up and stand out. Sisters will continue to speak out, but men need you to be our Priest, Providers, and Protectors.  Our children, our families, and our communities need you.  Our future weighs on you.

Your participation is needed to break cycles that have caused years of pain and dysfunction.

So who will you choose to be?



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