Love Yourself When You’re Overweight In Order To Get Thin

Love Yourself When You’re Overweight In Order To Get Thin


The art of positive thinking and affirmations has been at the forefront of many great leaders’ philosophies, such as Ghandi: “We must become the change we want to see.”

This is because positive thinking is motivating and enables us to change more readily and permanently than negative inspiration.

Loving yourself when you’re overweight will allow you to become thin and stay healthy. The positive thinking in this philosophy is not only that you believe you can lose the weight but also in your attitude toward yourself right now.

Practice positive affirmations in the mirror daily to help you gain the confidence and love for your current self that you will need to embark on the daunting weight-loss journey ahead. Amy Cotta, the author of Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans, breaks down the reasoning and strategies of positive affirmations for weight-loss in her book very well.

Persuade yourself to be confident by saying “This is my life and I can be anything.”

Give yourself unconditional love and say “I am proud of myself even when I slip up and have a bad day.”

Why is it so important to love yourself before you try to lose weight?

It is because your success depends on it. You will feel like you deserve to be healthy. You will honor and respect your body, which will make you scrutinize what goes into it. When you love someone you want only the best for them, so it is easy to see why you would choose foods that would nourish and take care of your body rather than hurt your health when you actually love yourself.


The difference between someone who is negative about themselves versus someone who is positive is this: a negative person feels like they are constantly denying themselves of the foods they want and crave, whereas a positive person no longer wants to put those detrimental foods into their body.

Losing weight will be a challenge regardless of your positive attitude but your long-term success is very unlikely without it.

Anyone can lose weight and change themselves for the better. Simply look yourself in the eye and greet your new best friend, yourself.

This best friend will be there with you through thick and thin, pun intended!