Closing the gap in the US Education System

Closing the gap in the US Education System


If you ask a fourteen-year-old what they want to be when they grow up some responses may include, “I want to become a doctor, teacher, lawyer, scientist, and perhaps a television personality.”  Their visions combined are immeasurable and surmount any limitations. For an average child, the world is their oyster, in which they feel safe and secure about their futures.

But how prepared are our young children and are their futures as secure as we anticipated?

Our children want to learn, they want to succeed, and want their chance to achieve the American dream.

“My education will prepare me in the future to be knowledgeable in the world. In school, I feel challenged in my classes, but not as much in some. This is probably only because I like working at a fast pace but sometimes other students aren’t at my level,” expresses an eight grader.

This student along with many others remain both optimistic and enthusiastic about their futures. With preparation, the educational system can in fact help to infuse them with the proper tools to be as prepared as their international peers.  In enriching and feeding this enthusiasm, we must be aware of how the U.S. educational system fares to the rest of our nation.

Studies show that U.S. students are falling behind globally in education, ranking 25% out of 24 nations in math for 15-year-olds. There is also a technology push being made in countries such as India and China, preparing technology skilled workers. The challenge for the American students is particularly great in math, science, and engineering.

At a time of persistent unemployment, especially among the less skilled, it is crucial that we prepare our students for the 21st-century global economy.

It is suggested that in order to improve the quality of our educational system we must place more high quality teachers in the classroom. Ultimately the education of our children lies in the hands of our nation’s teachers. We must never underestimate the impact that they have in the future of America.

There are many individuals looking to lend a hand in impacting and helping to secure the future of our children.  It begins with a simple vision, a belief, and reaching and lending a hand.

“I genuinely believe we have to teach our future (children) the value of who they are and the potential impact they can make if they believe in themselves. However, as educators and future developers we must understand that this is our core responsibility. Not to teach a lesson or score high on a standardized test or meet a quota but to captivate and engage the mind so the bodies (children) will understand his and her true worth in society,” says a member of Board of Trustee of LCCPS.

With core beliefs in mind, Lowell Community Charter Public School believes that every child is unique and has special abilities and interests that must be recognized, encouraged, and developed.

Every child is encouraged to have a dream and the way to attain those goals is through a solid education. As a nation we do owe it to our young people not only in helping them reach their ultimate career goal but to open up their world in a way that the impossible becomes possible.

We can no longer afford to wait to improve our American education system and the competitors abroad will certainly not wait for us to catch up. The time for improvement begins now and collectively our mission should be that our students succeed.

This is what the American dream is built on.