replace the space in your place

replace the space in your place


So you just moved in your first home and you can’t wait to show it off to family and friends. The problem is that the only furniture you have is the bean bag chair from college, a hand me down table from your sister and your box spring and mattress.  Not the best way to highlight your new spot.

You sprung for the hardwood floors, upgraded to limestone in the baths, and don’t forget the granite counter tops and top of the line stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.  But it was all worth it…it’s yours.

The space is beautiful and that’s a good thing, because that’s all you have is space!

There are easy and inexpensive ways to furnish your new place.

But, you say, “All my money is tied up with my mortgage, how can I get out of the final frontier and not be house broke at the same time?” Follow these tips, and you won’t be dining on Ramen Noodles for dinner!

Take a look at the pieces that you already own; is the couch comfortable, or just unattractive?  If yes, then get a slipcover.  Not only are slipcovers inexpensive, they are usually washable, so you won’t have use Grandma’s plastic covers for the Housewarming Party. Slipcovers are attractive, and they have pins and other fasteners that will make the fit custom to the couch, love seat or chair.  They come in a variety of colors and textures to complement many decors.

Now that there is somewhere to sit, let’s get our dining area together!

Dining sets are easy to reuse and make new.  If it’s a wooden table, paint it.  Use more than one color and make it funky!  That old dining table will not be a hand-me-down that Madear gave you if you turn in to a work of art. Dining chairs can be stained, painted or covered with fabric.  Have only two chairs?  Guess what, they don’t have to be all the same!  Pick up two more at a garage sale or flea market.  Clean them up and mix them up at the table.  It’s easy to make one of kind pieces.

Now maybe your home warming party won’t turn into an all-nighter, but just in case you need to show or use the bedrooms, they can be easily fixed up on a budget.  Don’t worry about not having a bed frame, using only the mattress and box spring will give the illusion of a platform bed. Pick up a ‘Bed in a Bag’, set which includes: the comforter, pillow shams, dust ruffle and complete set of sheets.  These sets can be a low at $50, usually the higher the thread count on the sheets, the more expensive the set.

The purpose is to get something that looks good and will show off your master suite.

Now what about the unmentionables?

Those plastic totes were acceptable at the apartment, but now you need something much nicer on the hardwood floors and please let’s keep Victoria a secret.  Go to flea markets and garage sales.  There are many items that are sold for a fraction of their worth.  Bedside and cocktail tables, chests and dressers are there for the taking, or for the bargaining!

Then, check the papers for estate sales, which usually have higher end pieces and antiques. If you don’t like the color, don’t be afraid to paint. Paint is inexpensive and easy to apply.  Never underestimate the power of a coat of paint and a gallon of bleach.  They can transform old into new and reform damaged pieces into weathered antiques.

There is one room in the house that everyone has to use, yes the bathroom. Rugs, shower curtains, soap dispensers can all be found at mega stores and are even displayed in coordinating patterns so you don’t have to worry about matching.

Pick up a canister set and matching towels for the kitchen.  Add glass jars with colored pastas and peppers to add color and pizzazz.  Then pick up candles and potpourri.  Nothing makes a house a home more than pleasant smells.

Interior design can be easy and inexpensive.  If you don’t know what you like, look through decorating magazines and tear out things that catch your eye.  When you go shopping at discount stores, take your book and look items that match what you like in your wish book.

Still need some help, drop me a line!  I am an original Bargain Betty!


Written by Eugenia Orr