Fear has been described as an emotion induced by a threat perceived by living entities, which causes a change in brain and organ function and ultimately a change in behavior, such as running away, hiding or freezing from traumatic events.

Some in the psychology community would suggest that living with fears is normal. Accepting, managing, embracing and coping with the emotion of fear is not the way we were meant to live.

The limits fear can wrap around your life can absolutely keep you from being the person you really want to be.

There are not many other emotions that can be as destructive  as this one and learning to live with your fears is not the answer. Ignoring your fears is not the answer either. Getting rid of your fears is the answer and the eradication of it is available if you choose to release that which you may have unwillingly subscribed to.

Many times on the pages of scripture you will find the phrase, “Fear not.” If it is normal to accept, manage and cope with fear, why would God instruct us to “Fear not?”

God never intended for His people to be defeated. He desires quite the opposite, which is that we live a fulfilled and abundant life. He wishes above all things that we prosper and be in health. Take a second and let that sink in. Above anything else, your Creator wishes you would reach high levels of prosperity and health.

Sounds like a good parent huh?

The Bible says that fear has torment. So many are living needlessly with fear. God can deliver you of any and every fear.

  • What frightens you the most?
  • What keeps you reaching for the stars?
  • What happen to that book you were suppose to write?
  • Is your current job the end all for you? Is it public speaking? What about heights?

Whether you know it or not God can even deliver you from your deepest fear.

Case in point, Jesus told a man whose daughter had just died, “Fear not, only believe!” The man refused to fear, and his daughter was raised back to life! Why did Christ tell him not to fear?

Because fear will ALWAYS keep you from believing and accepting the promises of God. But when you believe the promises of God, you will see them come to pass in your life. I know you are thinking, easier said than done. I understand.

However, if you cast all of your cares on Him you will be amazed at just how free you can feel without the 800 lbs gorilla of fear weighing you down.

Are you finally tired of living with fear? God can deliver you. Talk to Him today and ask that you get delivered from all that trips you up.

This is the beginning of liberty from your fears.