Faithbooking: Preserving your faith through scrapbooks

Faithbooking: Preserving your faith through scrapbooks


We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done.”

Psalm 78:4

When you get down to it, the reason we scrapbook is to tell a story. The story of our lives, the milestones we’ve reached, the journeys we’ve gone on, the trials we’ve endured and the joys we’ve shared. That is what is found in each scrapbook page.

But if you are a person of faith, do you include how you prayed through the trials, leaned on your church family through your journeys and praised God for answering prayers? So often we forget to give credit to the Lord in our layouts for obvious demonstrations of His love for us!

Faithbooking is much more than just adding Bible verses to your pages. It is more like a prayer journal with photos, a way to preserve your faith through the art of scrapbooking! Since most prayer journals are private and highly personal in nature, you can use faithbooking or praisebooking, as other have called it, as a tangible way to share your faith with those you love!

Just think of the amazing treasure your children will have once you’re gone. Generations to come will see how your faith affected your life. So many of us have heard the legacies of our ancestors’ faith, but have little to show for it except stories passed down through the family. Faithbooking can not only serve as a family treasure, but a creative way to follow Psalm 78:4 and tell other generations of God’s wonders in our lives.

Many people prefer their faithbooking to be quite simple, with just some photos and journaling, but just as God works in many ways, I believe we all have our own personal faithbooking style. If you keep your focus on God’s hand in your life and not on making a page worthy for the cover of your favorite scrapbook magazine, I think your pages will show your faith in a way that is yours alone!

There are a growing number of companies that are making products just for Christians. I’ve found everything from papers, stickers, charms and eyelets with a Christian theme. While these are necessary to faithbooking, they do make nice additions to your pages and can help bring your pages together nicely.

Remember, faithbooking is all about God working in your life! There is no wrong way to do it if you keep your focus on Him!